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You’ve seen the poster, now feast your fangs on the OFFICIAL trailer for The Sins of Dracula!Directed by Richard Griffin, written by me, and brought to life by a sexily sacrilegious cast and crew! Watch!  

Overheard in Los Angeles

The following is an excerpt from an actual conversation I happened to overhear/eavesdrop on while running errands in Hollywood this very afternoon:

Little Girl: Gosh, mommy…it’s hot.
Mom: Sure is, sweetie. 
Little Girl: It’s ALWAYS hot. I want to leave somewhere with seasons. 
Mom: When you’re a grown up, you can live wherever you want, and you should!
Little Girl: Will you come visit me? 
Mom: If you live somewhere that gets cold? 
Little Girl: Yes!
Mom: No. 
Little Girl: Why?
Mom: Because mommy has standards, and dipping below 80 degrees isn’t one of them. 

Ladies & gentleman, parenting…done right…and wrong. 



Hey there, O’Brien enthusiasts!

It’s been a blast serving as Chris’ guest answer guy person thing tonight, and I had a great time chit-chatting with you. Alas, we’ve hit the 7 o’clock hour, and the time for me to turn this here Tumblr back over to its rightful owner has come.

You all seem…

Microbrien Guest Answers (feat. me)!!!

Because the internet is all about collabs and stuff, my amigo Chris O’Brien and I decided to do a little switcheroo here on Tumblr today.

Chris is an actor, writer, and all around amazing individual with a strong presence on the web. You might know him from his work on the fab Classic Alice or the adorable Barely Pet Parents, as well as from the forthcoming horror flick, Found Footage 3D. Chris regularly engages his followers on Tumblr, and, as such, gets a LOT of questions in his ASK box. 

So, we thought it would be fun if I stepped in for an hour or so, and did the answers for him. Friends having a laugh, artists helpin’ artists, web kids collabin’ with web kids. What could go wrong?! 

I’ll be answering any and all questions sent to Chris over on his Tumblr from now until 7pm (Pacific). He may still chime in, so be warned. 

Come join the fun!

Chris O’Brien: Tumblr

And follow him on Twitter

Guest Answers


I’m getting a lot of anonymous questions today and I can’t keep up, so my friend Michael Varrati is going to step in and answer a bunch for me because people collaborate on the webosphere and that’s usually a good idea, right?

It was his birthday yesterday and he writes movies. You can find him on Twitter and on Tumblr.

From now until 7PM, Michael will be the one responding so any questions I receive. He’ll tag his answers. I may chime in anyway. We’ll see.

Anonymous asked: Why you always gotta be frontin', yo? Like, peeps know you ain't all that...but you may just be the bag of chips. Salty, onion-y chips. Get in my mouth.


Michael Varrati? This is definitely Michael. Stop trolling. Go get gay married during the Purge like you said.

This is a defamation of character! Everyone knows I think Chris is more of a BBQ chip than an onion.

Birthday dinner party!  @darrenstein @franciscochu

Birthday dinner party! @darrenstein @franciscochu

The reverse cover for “The Nostril Picker”, originally titled “The Changer,” coming soon from my mighty amigos at Massacre Video. Check it out, 100% exploitation goodness, Varrati endorsed, Ultra Violent approved sleaze!!!!

On my birthday eve, my roommate, @panavisionae, made me a Twin Peaks inspired cherry pie! Starting my birthday off in a Lynchian way! Thank you! #DavidLynch #TwinPeaks #cherrypie  #birthday #kyleMclachlan

On my birthday eve, my roommate, @panavisionae, made me a Twin Peaks inspired cherry pie! Starting my birthday off in a Lynchian way! Thank you! #DavidLynch #TwinPeaks #cherrypie #birthday #kyleMclachlan

All eyes on you! Last #selfie of 31.

All eyes on you! Last #selfie of 31.